Payment Gateways available in Pakistan

Payment Gateways available in Pakistan

An Introduction to Payment Gateways

Before going for discussing the online payment gateways available in Pakistan, it is important to get the proper idea of what actually payment gateway is? A payment gateway is basically like middle-man service provider that accepts the payments for online activities like e-commerce, e-business, online retailing, online shopping, online bill payment and all type of bricks and clicks. It offers the customers to set the list of merchandise and online service providers to automatically process debit/credit card and another type of payments.

What to Consider When Choosing a Payment Gateway

With the right payment gateway, it’s a win, win, win.

But how do you know if you’ve found “the one?”

Well, when third-party tools are involved, you want to evaluate the individual features of each and make a choice based on the needs and capabilities of your site. Here are five important factors you should consider:


It’s a no-brainer, but people are not going to just fork over sensitive financial information to sites that look shady. You want a payment gateway that’s reputable and provides safe checkout experiences for your customers.

And note: displaying security signage is powerful — more than 80 percent of consumers feel safer seeing logos of trustworthy payment options on a website.

Above all, only use a payment gateway that handles your customers’ delicate data with care. If you do, they’re more likely to stick around.


Like with almost any service, there are fees associated using third-party tools like payment gateways. For transactions processed on behalf of your business, you’ll have to pay fees — so pay attention to your gateway’s costs and do your research before integrating it into your site so you’re not slammed with surprise fees.

These fees charged can include transaction, statement, chargeback, merchant account fees, and likely more — such as fees to customers for using a certain payment method. And not surprisingly, customers do NOT like hidden costs so read the fine print.

Accepted Payment Methods

The reality is, the easier you make it for customers to make purchases, the more they’re likely to make. By outfitting your site with a payment gateway that incorporates a wide variety of payment methods, your widening your sales net — 50 percent of regular online shoppers say they’d jump ship on a purchase if they couldn’t use their preferred payment method.

Using your site’s analytics, observe what countries have shoppers visiting your site — preferred payment methods may differ by country.

Plus, it’s also a matter of security: 40 percent of study participants said they would feel more comfortable shopping from a business that offers multiple payment methods. Chew on that.


Of course, an important consideration is how well your gateway will integrate with your current platform— both from a technical and design standpoint. If it takes an over-abundance of messy tricks to incorporate smoothly into your existing structure, you might want to rethink your choice.

Nobody got time for that.

And while many gateways (like Stripe, for example) can be customized to match your site’s feel, you want to make sure your gateway tool is compatible with your brand. Don’t make your customers’ purchasing experiences jarring with mismatched elements.

Payment Location

Some payment gateways allow customers to complete a transaction within the checkout processes of the website, while others lead users to another site to finish their purchases. Some gateways provide an API that incorporates directly into your site, others reroute visitors to third-party sites. Whatever you choose, consider what will provide the best user experience for your shoppers — if customers trust your site, they might not mind the extra diversion.

Selecting a Payment Gateway

Now to your big decision: choosing a payment gateway for your small biz. It’s a little scary: 46 percent of cart abandonments occur at the payment stage of checkout; if yours isn’t outfitted with a smart payment gateway, you could be looking at lost sales.

Don’t fret: we’ve compiled ten of the best gateways — and outlined all the key features — for you to browse.

Online Payment Gateways in Pakistan (Local)

EasyPay is a product of EasyPaisa accepting online payments in Pakistan through EasyPaisa channels, and it is first of its kind in Pakistan.  It allowed receiving payments through EasyPaisa initially, i.e., EasyPaisa wallet account or via EasyPaisa outlets.  EasyPay has now support for Visa and MasterCard payments thus online sellers have the ability to accept debit and credit card payments on their websites with this service.

BankSetup FeeRecurring Fee per YearTransaction FeeMerchant Discount RateSettlement Period
NoneNoneNone1% EasyPaisa,
2% EasyPaisa Shop,
3% Credit Card
Instant for EasyPaisa,
Overnight for EasyPaisa shop,
3 Business Days for Credit Card
HBLRs. 40,000/-Rs. 40,000/-None2.5%14 Working Days
MCBRs. 50,000/-Rs. 48,000/-Rs. 15/-2.8%Not specified
UBLRs. 40,000/-Rs. 50,000/-None3.5%10 Business Days
  • Recently launched MCB Debit Card and Allied Bank PayPak Debit Card can also be used for online shopping and payments.
  • Bank Alfalah is also offering MasterCard Internet payment Gateways services in Pakistan.
  • JazzCash is also a simplest way to make and receive online payments in Pakistan.

Online Payment Gateways in Pakistan (International)

The most popular online money transfer services are Western Union, Ria Money Transfer, TransferWise and Xoom and some others that ensure the safe transfer of money to Pakistan.

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