Huawei to Sue US Govt Over The Ban

Huawei to Sue US Govt Over The Ban

That might be changing soon as Huawei is going to sue the US govt by the end of this week. This has been reported by two separate sources, one of them being the NY Times.

Huawei hasn’t been doing all that well on the other side of the Atlantic. After getting banned in the US for supposedly providing a backdoor to the Chinese govt, the phone and network equipment manufacturer has been facing tough times in the country.

The lawsuit itself will be filed in the Eastern District, Texas where Huawei’s US headquarters are located. The suit will deal with Huawei’s 5G infrastructure equipment getting banned and the US govt stopping its officials from using Huawei smartphones.

The US is adamant over Huawei providing a backdoor to the Chinese government. However, as there’s a lack of solid evidence, Huawei argues that the US govt has no right to ban the use of their network equipment without a trial. The US Constitution does not allow Congress to pass these kinds of bills.

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