HTC launches its Viveport VR store globally

HTC launches its Viveport VR store globally

HTC’s partnership with Valve has given its users very seamless access to grabbing VR games on the Steam store, but Vive is increasingly looking to distinguish itself with the cool non-gaming experiences that you can dive into with the headset.

To do that the company has created Viveport, a storefront for much of the non-gaming content being produced for virtual reality. Today, Viveport is launching in 30 countries today with about 60 titles that span across verticals related to education, design, art, social, video, music, sports, health, fashion, travel, news, shopping, creativity tools and various other things.

HTC is celebrating the launch by offering up a handful of VR titles for just a buck, so even if you’re not a VR headset owner at the moment it might be a good time to grab some cool virtual reality experiences on the cheap.

Viveport Premieres will highlight new content that’s launching on the store first. If you go to it now, you can see content from Everest VR, The Blu, Google Spotlight Stories, Pearl, The Music Room, Stonehenge VR and others that hasn’t been made available elsewhere. Viveport will also be showing off about a dozen never-before-seen popular VR experiences from China.

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