8 products that Microsoft, Google, Samsung and others should thank Apple for

8 products that Microsoft, Google, Samsung and others should thank Apple for
Two days back it was Apple’s 43rd birthday and it won’t be too far-fetched to suggest that the company has changed the landscape of technology industry. Be it with products, design innovation or services, Apple has over the years given users and competition a lot to think about. Many products from competitors were ‘inspired’ by Apple while a few were blatant rip-offs that refused to take off. Still, they had Apple to ‘thank’ for them. Here we list out 8 products that rivals like Microsoft, Google, Samsung and other should ‘thank’ Apple for:

Apple iPod: Every brand making digital music players was influenced by the iPod

The iPod wasn’t a new product as such but what it did was give birth to a different kind of music players. Prior to the iPod, brands like Sony, Phillips – amongst others – had MP3 players but iPod changed the whole ecosystem of digital music.

Apple iPhone: Changed the way competitors like Samsung made smartphones

When the iPhone was launched in 2007, it was like a phone no one had seen before. Do keep in mind this was an era when QWERTY-keyboard phones were the rage but iPhone suddenly turned everyone into making phones with a touchscreen.

Apple iPad: The game changer in the tablet market

While tablets were around before 2010, it was the iPad that literally changed how competitors designed and made their tablets functional. Be it Samsung, Sony, HP or any other brand, tablets were taken really seriously after the iPad. With a sleek design and an unmatched OS experience, the iPad continues to be the favourite amongst users that want to buy a tablet.

Apple MacBook Air: Laptops became sleeker and thinner

The MacBook Air was a product that made trimmed the fat from laptops all over the world. There were slim laptops before the MacBook Air but Apple made it into a fashion statement. Soon, brands like Dell, HP and others had their “slim” range out in the market after the 

Apple Watch: Changed the wearables and watch industry

In just four years, the Apple Watch is the undisputed leader of smartwatches. With fitness and health its big proposition, Apple Watch forced competition to bring a lot of health features in its smartwatches.

Apple iPhone X: Brought a new design trend to smartphones

The notch of the iPhone X is a feature that was aped by one and all Android smartphone brands. So much so that a phone from Xiaomi looked like an exact replica of the iPhone X. Barring Samsung, every other brand got a notch in their display after Apple brought it with the iPhone X.

Apple AirPods: The product that cut the wire and started a new trend

With its AirPods, Apple started a new trend in the ‘hearables’ category. Brands did have truly wireless earphones before the AirPods but they didn’t become a ‘must-have’ accessory. The AirPods ‘forced’ every other brand – Samsung, Bose and Sony among others – to come out with their own version of wireless earbuds.

Apps and App Store: A true gamechanger in smartphone industry

With the first-generation iPhone, Apple created the App Store which was then replicated by Google in its Play Store. It was Apple that truly popularized apps and it’s hard to imagine of a time when apps didn’t exist.

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